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The mindset of building a multi-million network marketing business;
how it can crash; and how to rise again.

You may well already be aware, to be successful in Network Marketing takes a level of obsession. An obsession to lead, love and mentor other people’s success in the acquisition of their goals and ambitions. Who would have thought in my early 20’s back in April 2001 that I would fall in love with Network Marketing and become obsessed with being the best I could be and inspiring others to also succeed on a large scale.

I said NO to Network Marketing and joining my parents in business for over 4 years, why? I was young, conditioned to work for someone else and had no major ambition other than enjoying the weekend. I had, like most people, been brainwashed into believing that an 8 hour day for 45 years coupled with watching the TV was a fruitful way to live. I possessed a mindset of mediocrity!  Chances are if you haven’t got your mindset right you’ll still be saying no to achieving your goals and going nowhere fast in your business, and even your life too may seem that it is on hold. I have learnt that YOU ARE THE PRODUCT and if YOU CAN MASTER YOURSELF you will achieve great things.

After returning from travelling, I had become accustomed to the freedom of doing what I wanted, when I wanted; this is the life I believe we are born to fulfil, a life of freedom, contribution and abundance. I started on my own Network Marketing journey after the taste of the life I desired, a life of freedom and adventure, no way was I being stuck inside a factory or office ever again. I have since realised that this is what success truly is, living on YOUR terms, living in line with YOUR values. Through the power of association I started to dream again, I discovered a world of passion and mentors that helped to shift my mindset and inspired me to embark on a journey of self-development. A passion to succeed fired up inside me and personal pride to become good enough to lead people with confidence powered me to be my best. I am sure you will agree we are always being influenced and consumed by information all around us. It is this that I believe you must give attention to and be careful of what YOU allow to influence you on a daily basis.

‘What the mind conceives the body can achieve’

What you feed your mind is what has, and will continue to, shaped your personal beliefs. It is these beliefs that we all live our daily lives by and this is why I feel to succeed as an entrepreneur, a network marketer and even in anything new you do, you will most likely need a MINDSET SHIFT You may well have a great attitude, though what we know now has led us to today so, therefore, to leap into something new it will often require new education, maybe even new beliefs; how we change is how we succeed. I must admit I was a quick learner in the Network Marketing Industry, this was fuelled by my personal passion, need and desire to earn £2000 a month fast. Simply put, I saw others achieving this and much more, my logical brain told me if I do what they do, I will get the same results as they did. Every great act in the world comes from PASSION when you develop a congruency with your mind and heart you can also achieve great things in your life.


I made a commitment to my self, a commitment to chase greatness through committing to others. I was and still remain, passionate about learning, developing and being the very best leader I can be for those around me. It is my responsibility to do so and to never let others down. I am sure you will agree, it is human nature (for most) to commit to others more than they will to themselves. What are you committed to today?

Yes, my focus was on moving product, sponsoring other people, IMPORTANTLY coaching them to succeed and developing myself through personal development. We are always growing, expanding or retracting back into our comfort zone. It’s our thinking, our mindset and our beliefs that SHAPE EVERYTHING! Never be fooled to think you can build success without becoming worth it first. 2 Massive pieces of advice I was given in the beginning by my two most influential mentors Rob Park and my Mum Jackie White.

Rob said to me – ‘Chase personal development and your success will chase you’

My Mum told me – ‘Son, if you want to earn £10,000 a month, you’ll never earn it on £500 worth of effort’

Where attention goes energy flows; let me be straight, what you give focus to, what you spend most of your time thinking about YOU WILL bring it into your life. Your unconscious mind will act in line with what you train it to think about most. My advice to you now, and my ability back then and still today, is to ALWAYS focus on growth, always see a solution to any challenge that presents itself. It’s a mindset, a way of living and let me tell you it’s a great way to live, it is also a CHOICE to live this way. A choice to see the best in others, to know in your heart there is always sunshine behind the clouds of doubt and from every adversity comes a seed of equal or greater opportunity. You may need to retrain your mind, though, in my opinion, it is worth it, it is worth removing the brainwashing of society and mediocrity.

Getting to events and associating with those that are where you’d like to be is essential, we naturally mirror and model ourselves on our environment. This form of duplicating human excellence can help shape you to become the person worth the success you crave. This energy you will find in true leadership will fuel your passions and empower you to dream and dream big.

Through the loss of my best friend, coupled with this environment I started to dream again, I developed a passion to achieve all the dreams my friend and I had. I remember sharing my big goals and dreams with established leaders back then, and when some almost laughed this only drove me further to make it happen.

‘If people are not laughing at your dreams they are not big enough’

You know I think it is really important for you to know this; I HAVE NEVER achieved a self-created goal on time. EVER! However, I certainly got further forward for going for it with an ALL IN attitude and more often than not achieved what I worked for shortly after. Even if 1 year late you must always keep going and keep pushing. My message for you here is to set big goals and never give up on your dreams. You are going to fail, hit roadblocks and even get lost in the fog from time to time but keep going, stay committed to your team, to their goals and to your goals. Always focus on growth and remove to need to be dramatic and re-live the challenges that have gone, focus on the future, focus on running with the runners and dreaming with the dreamers.

Going back to my first 1-2 years in Network Marketing I was flying, not on knowledge just pure excitement. Jim Rohn is famous for saying what we lack in skill we can make up in numbers. I was working harder than anyone else and the results showed. I remember being at an event, I was almost pushed up against the wall as many people questioned me. It was an ambush of “HOW ARE YOU DOING THIS”? I remember one question that really sticks out.

‘“What’s Your Drop Out Rate”?

I remember asking what is my what?? I had never heard of a dropout rate, let alone gave it any focus. It was quickly explained to me ‘a ratio of the people that quit your business’, I simply replied I have no idea or care.


Stop hanging on to the excuses and focusing on the crap that you are allowing to hold you back, let it go. My focus was, and yours should be, on growth, on recruitment, coaching and helping your team to change their life. We are building a future, not a past!

Have you ever heard this before…

‘If every pound, dollar or euro was shared out equally to every human being on the planet, it would only be a matter of time before it was back in the same hands as it is in today’.

You hear stories of how successful people have lost it all, yet have gone on to succeed again. WHY? It’s who they have become, it’s their mindset, beliefs and passion to create that brings back greatness. When all is said and done, when we all leave this earth it’s who we have become that truly counts and it is who we become on the journey that creates the success around us.

rising again

Within the last year, the company that I had been with for 17+ years went into administration, 1000’s of people lost years of work and an income overnight. It was heartbreaking to see my family and my friends have everything that they had worked for robbed from them overnight. However, from every adversity, a seed of equal or greater opportunity will ALWAYS arise. If you are open and remain positive another door will open for you. I have seen people move to many companies and I am proud to say that their mindset, their personal growth and their passion to succeed is what will help them rise again.

We often hear that the company we are with is the vehicle and we are the drivers, the creators of our own destiny. This is so true, you are the creator of your own environment and responsible for all that is within your life. ‘The choices we make and the actions we take’.

The true power of Network Marketing is not the company but the people. The quality of our life lies within the quality of our relationship, this sits at the core of our Network Marketing business. You create a team with love, care and attention and it is the ethos, this synergy of togetherness that drives success. We created a family, a love for each others success and loyalty to one another. After all, it is never the company in the trenches, breaking through challenges with blood sweat and tears together to help your people succeed.  This is where lifelong friendships and memories are made. In the field, during the midnight oil and succeeding TOGETHER!

My passion is to create a ripple effect of change, empowering people to establish new ways of thinking. Developing new skills and becoming congruent to their hearts as well as their mindset. The hidden resource which very few people ever tap into, that passion to succeed, your personal force for ALL success. Here are 7 Keys, 7 areas of focus and development to your Network Marketing success:

  • You must develop a deeper motivation. Your ‘True Why’ will empower you to strive.
  • You must learn the skills to prioritise and work smart.
  • More often than not, our thinking has led us here. Creating an unstoppable mindset is essential.
  • Learning and understanding the Law of Attraction will embed you into a way of thinking.
  • Embracing the power of association can be the number 1 influence to our success.
  • Focusing on personal growth and contribution first, removes the need for results, allowing you to perform to your very best.
  • Learning to savour the journey, living in the now; it’s where the magic happens.

I challenge you to go ALL IN, 100% focus with your Network Marketing business. Give it your all for 2-5 years, learning to invest your reward wisely and you will develop true success;

  1. Quality and loyal relationships
  2. You will get to live on your terms and in line with YOUR values

May your Network Marketing Journey be Epic 🙂

Author: Craig White (£40 Million turnover in UK alone)