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one to one

One To One Coaching

Every exceptional athlete or successful entrepreneur has a coach to guide them, hold them accountable and keep them on track. Sometimes you are too busy working in your business to see the solution.

This is where a coach can be invaluable, looking on from outside with a fresh perspective and keeping you true to your values.

Leadership Training

Utilise the same skills that have helped to develop numerous entrepreneurs to improve their leadership skills and take their business to a new level.

strategic planning

Formulate a plan to get from where you are to where you want to be. It’s not just about the what but also the how. Learn to work smarter not harder.


The only way to improve is to measure your results. Once you understand what is working well and what isn’t,  it’s as easy as making some course adjustments.


1 to 1 Coaching is conducted in weekly 30 minute sessions.

Here’s how we will approach your sessions:

  • The first thing is to set your intention for your session, or series of sessions, and I can support you with this.
  • We will discuss and have a collaboration of minds to discover what’s needed, and I will share what I intuitively see, hear and feel.
  • The session will flow in a way that’s perfect for you, and you will become aware of how to achieve what you want.

1 month: £1000 | 3 months: £3000

6 months: £5500 | 12 Months: £10,000


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