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Bizarrely, so many people still remain curious, even fascinated to why people get involved in the Network Marketing Industry. What is the attraction?

Recently so many people have asked me, why do I choose to remain involved in the industry after a company I was with for 17+ years went into administration?

Personally, I am curious about why so many people are still uneducated in regard to a 170 Billion Global Industry?

What is clear to us all, we all live in an environment where we have been socially, economically and environmentally conditioned to walk a certain path. It takes guts to do something different to the norm right? These are my thoughts on why this is a great business model for anyone with a passion to succeed, and how I believe with the right mindset you can achieve your ambitions however big or small.

You may or may not agree with what I wish to share. However, to me, it’s very clear how you succeed and my thoughts come from a genuine place of wishing anyone who reads this great success. Why should you listen to me? Why not? I have a love and a passion for the business and have done ok over the last 17+ years, so read on it may just give you that missing ‘lightbulb’ moment.

So why do I LOVE Network Marketing? Why is it that I am passionate about seeing people succeed throughout the industry? There are many reasons, one of them is that I love to see people succeed, I am inspired by other people’s successes and I believe this industry gives ordinary people like you and I a real chance to live the life we deserve. We often hear analogies like ‘Work Hard & Play Hard’. How many people really get the chance and the freedom to play hard, to travel and to live a life of freedom and adventure; this business can give you that, I repeat CAN GIVE YOU THAT! I am avoiding saying it will give you that because that all depends on you.  However, in my 17+ years, I have discovered that if you do this right and importantly have the right MINDSET you can have it all. I have just returned home to the UK from a month at our home in Spain with my 2 little girls, exploring, doing new things and have daily adventures. This business has given me the complete financial freedom to be the father I always wanted to be. So where does it all start?

Like most people, I stumbled into Network Marketing. I had returned from travelling and wanted the freedom I had become accustomed to. My parents had been in the industry for 4 years and I had always said ‘NOT A CHANCE on a regular basis.  However, then the timing was right for me. Never did I expect that I would fall in love with an industry that turned this beach bum into a passionate and driven entrepreneur. This business brings the confidence to an individual that empowers them to dream again and pulls the entrepreneurial spirit from within. It teaches you to be self-reliant, develop new skills and value everyone. I discovered very early on that there was a myth around the industry being a ‘get rich quick scheme’, the mass of uneducated opinions suggested that it was a ‘pyramid scheme’. Being the inquisitive individual I am, I had to find out what a pyramid scheme was? I discovered this…


Everything from the Governments of the world, the armed forces and every company that employs people through a corporate pyramid structure. Consider for a moment, how many Prime Minister positions there are? How many Sergeant Majors? How Many CEO’s, everything has a pyramid structure and in life, it’s very rare for the many to reach the top when the positions are already held. Have you ever heard the saying ‘Dead Mans Shoes’, you only move up when they move out.

Network Marketing is a system that embraces the entrepreneurial age, a system of coaching and support that brings out the best in you. It gives you the opportunity to learn, develop and achieve your ambitions however big or small. It has the same structure as discussed above, though importantly you move forwards, you promote yourself through dedication, hard work and a will to succeed. In Network Marketing you will find an ethos based around everyone succeeding; there is plenty of room at the top and YOU CAN GET THERE! Regardless of your business, every Network Marketing business has a system, and generally, the system works if you work the system. There are some thoughts I would like to share regardless of your chosen company and even for those of you looking for the right fit for you….

I remember my first ever team member, I remember my personal pride of wanting to be good enough to help them succeed and avoid never letting them down. I also remember the good feeling I had when they’d succeeded knowing I had also played my part in supporting them.


What I fell in love with in Network Marketing was, and is, the people. The friendships and relations you build coupled with the feeling you get helping others succeed. I have to be honest, and I am sure like everyone in Network Marketing, building a team for income was my first purpose and understanding of the industry. Though very quickly I discovered, and you will too, that having a genuine love and passion for other people’s success first is what will ultimately create yours. It becomes more than the shiny trinkets of success, it becomes more about the journey with others learning new things and creating new adventures together. When I learnt to contribute and give value without the need for compensation. Then the authentic desire to help others created a wave of success that took all accolades available as a consequence of putting others success first.

Author: Craig White

why mlm?

So WHY is Network Marketing a good option for almost anyone and everyone?

Quite simply because it is human nature for good honest people to do more for others than they’d do for themselves. We find it easy to let ourselves down, yet will commit to others freely. We are now in the age of the entrepreneur, more and more people are waking up to realise there is more to life and that financial freedom is actually within their grasp. I have developed a firm belief that if you can; I can, and if I can; you can. Providing you have a strong enough will, you can always learn the skill.

Would I be right in suggesting that most people crave freedom? Personally, I believe you’re already free, free to choose, free to walk your new path. What Network Marketing, coupled with a great mentor and team around you, can create is an opportunity to live on your terms. Providing that you get a few things right that I will share with you now, that I wholeheartedly believe will position you to succeed in this outstanding industry. It’s these things that have helped us to build a huge business for it to fall and then for us to rise again. Here’s 7 simple steps…

  1. You must develop a deeper motivation. Your ‘True Why’ will empower you to strive.
  2. You must learn the skills to prioritise and work smart.
  3. More often than not, our thinking has led us here. Creating an unstoppable mindset is essential.
  4. Learning and understanding the Law of Attraction will embed you into a way of thinking.
  5. Embracing the power of association can be the number 1 influence to our success.
  6. Focusing on personal growth and contribution first, removes the need for results, allowing you to perform to your very best.
  7. Learning to savour the journey, living in the now; it’s where the magic happens.

These 7 simple philosophies have been foundational in developing massive success as a team over the years, in fact collectively building a £40 million business. Importantly the friendships, love and loyalty created as a team is what makes it an extended family. Should you wish, you are very welcome to discover more about these 7 points on a recording of a free webinar training I ran. You can access it here:

I talk about an extended family because this Network Marketing business is more than a business. You spend your time building new friendships, goal setting together, working together and achieving together. You open up your life to one another and build a bond that lasts a lifetime with so many people, true loyalty and friendship is formed. I believe a team that dreams together, works together, parties together, achieves together and stays together. ONE TEAM. ONE MISSION.

My final thought for you today that is integral to your success, it is something I learnt many years ago. It is something you will I am sure you have heard from every leader and mentor that has succeededin Network Marketing; ‘To succeed in life and in business you have to go all in, you need focus and dedication’. Very similar to a Boeing 737 taking off, it needs FULL power to get off the ground, then once at altitude, it can settle to a manageable yet fast pace to reach its destination. I believe it to be quite common to suggest you need 2 years of All Out Massive Action to lay the foundations to achieve all you desire. As a Network Marketing Entrepreneur, you have to create momentum in your business and this comes through laser like focus and a commitment to your business, your team and your goals. Why is momentum so important? Because momentum creates motivation. Motivation creates opportunity and opportunity creates results. That is how it works and it is why EVERY Network Marketing Entrepreneur needs to create momentum in their business.

‘Momentum is a leaders best friend. Sometimes it’s the only difference between winning and losing’

Since Kleeneze my first love in Network Marketing, a 95 yearly old British heritage company was driven into administration I have seen a fear in those I know in the industry. For many of us, this was tough, after years of dedication and loyalty a company was allowed to disappear leaving 1000’s of people without an income, some losing £200 and some £20,000 a month. Human nature I guess for many is to worry about history repeating itself. Though I am a firm believer of what you give focus and attention to the ups and downs of life will lead you there. This is where the Law of Attraction mindset can empower you to focus on the right things, that’ll lead you to greatness.

There’s a myth that you’ll find very few mega successful entrepreneurs, network marketers and even athletes agree with; ‘You must not put your eggs in one basket’. Consider Richard Branson as an example for a moment, he has many businesses. However, he built them one by one, using the success of the previous to invest and go all in with the next. Imagine a footballer playing tennis at a professional level too, it wouldn’t happen because to succeed you have to give your all. I am a firm believer in multiple streams of income, though you must build one solidly first, then invest money and effort into the next. Many people have a full time job and run a business alongside to eventually be positioned to ‘sack the boss’. This business needs that dedication, positivity and focus in order to take off.

My final 3 thoughts for you on why I love Network Marketing & How YOU can succeed;

  1. An eagle that chases 2 rabbits misses a meal today. To succeed in sport, in a loving relationship as in any business takes dedication. If you are focused on many, you’ll never succeed in any. In Network Marketing every true leader knows you have to give it your all in order to take off. Giving a bit of energy here and a bit of energy there will give you the same bitty results. I truly believe you will crash if you try to take off 2 planes at the same time.
  2. If you have experienced loss, this fear may hold you back from going all in, its natural, but you will know in your heart that you have to go all in. I was told many years ago by 3 Network Marketing Millionaires; work really hard for 2-5 years in your Network Marketing, invest your money wisely and you will create financial security. This is superb advice because security is only really in your hands. So give your Network Marketing business your all and providing you have the right environment you will succeed.
  3. Regardless of your chosen company among the 1000’s worldwide, my desire and wish is for you to succeed. In nearly 18 years I have never approached anyone in another network, I disagree with it and feel that the Network Marketing integrity demands an understanding that we shouldn’t distract others from their chosen path and possibly affect their confidence and quest for success.

This personal growth, dedication and mindset is EXACTLY what has allowed us to RISE AGAIN in Network Marketing. My thoughts come from a place of honesty and authenticity. Anyone telling you that you can build 2 Network Marketing businesses from scratch at the same time does so for their benefit rather than yours. Be careful who you listen to, after all, we are a sum of all we consume.

I hope this post explaining my love and passion for the industry finds you well, and I wish it to help you take your business to the next level. How we change is how we succeed!!

Have an outstanding day!