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Are you looking to find the hidden resource that most people never tap into?

We are in the Entrepreneurial Age, is it time for you to change?

At The Passion To Succeed Weekenderyou will FINALLY learn how to UNLOCK YOUR SUCCESS. With 12 hours of content specifically built around you, focused on really becoming congruent with your values and life purpose.

You will establish a blueprint for success that truly fits YOU and will give you the confidence to finally breakthrough. PLUS – All attendees will receive access to the entire event on video once the two days are completed!

Our ethos is to give you a packed event full of authentic contribution. So it is important to us that you understand; at this event, there will be no up sell and no sales pitch!

Book your ticket and join us for an unforgettable London experience and discover the power within you to unlock your success!

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Day 1 – Date TBC

Morning Session 10am-1pm:

Discover The Answers To A Complete & True Mindset Shift: How we think shapes our life in EVERY area
• Learn to mirror the thinking of the worlds uber successful minds
• Remove self-limiting beliefs and establish an empowering mindset
• Learn how to re-program your RAS, your brain’s GPS to take you in the direction you desire
• Learn how to overcome any obstacle with startling heroism and a passion to succeed

Lunch Break: 1pm – 2pm

Afternoon Session 2pm-5pm:

Discover the common missing link to anyone’s success, most people have it all wrong and this session will debunk the myths of goal setting and show you YOUR truth
• Finally, establish that missing emotional truth that stops no man or woman
• Learn how to bridge your goals to be congruent with your values and priorities
• Learn how to live on, and with, purpose
• Develop the skills and know how to bring this power into your life daily


Tea, coffee and pastries will be served throughout the day during comfort breaks and lunch breaks

Day 2 – Date TBC


Morning Session: 10am-1pm:

Unleashing Your True Potential That Already Lies Within Your DNA: You are built to succeed
• Learn the rules that sit at the foundation of everything great you will ever do
• Discover how to drive with pure focus, commitment and dynamism
• Learn the 3 elements to ‘The Art of Communication’ and learn how to apply them to every
relationship including the relationship with yourself

Lunch Break: 1pm to 2pm

Afternoon Session: 2pm-5pm

2 Amazing guest speakers that live and breathe what you will have discovered over the 3 previous sessions:
Adele de Caso ‘Successful Author & Entrepreneur’; will discuss with you how shy people can be successful too. A journey of personal development and growth that gives you confidence that you can too.
Dillon Danecha ‘Trader & Philanthropist’: will discuss with you the enormous role that we can all play in helping to resolve humanity’s biggest challenges by creating real, lasting and redistributable wealth.

Is this finally your trigger point? Craig will finish your weekend’s development, helping you package all you have learnt and turn it into a Blueprint for lasting success in everything you do.
• What Next
• How to Prioritise & Strategise
• The Art of Following through with all you have learned

Short Review with a Questions & Answers session


Craig White

Craig is a passionate and vibrant speaker who captivates his audiences with his unique style. He has been speaking internationally for over 15 years to audiences up to circa 7000+ delegates. He is engaging, and versatile and able to connect with audiences of a variety of demographics. As a successful entrepreneur, he walks his talk and is congruent to his message to empower you to live the dreams you have.

Adele de Caso

A devoted Mum, Wife, Networker, Successful Author and a shining example of how shy people can be successful too. Adele’s unique talk will share her successful journey, how she implemented all you will learn over this weekend to create a life that is unrecognisable from her days of shyness, no confidence or self-belief back in 1996.

Dillon Dhanecha

In his highly acclaimed talk, Millionaire: Your Moral Imperative, Dillon Dhanecha, Trader and Philanthropist, will discuss with you the enormous role that we can all play in helping to resolve humanity’s biggest challenges by creating real, lasting and re-distributable wealth.