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Asif Majid

Another amazing podcast show today.  Again, a very different kind of guest.  Today, we hear from Asif Majid; London Asian Businessman of The Year 2017.  Asif is a lively, vibrant character with such drive and vision.  Like me, he shares the most positive of outlooks and is a believer in The Law of Attraction.

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Robert Glazer

Find out today, how you can lead and inspire teams to achieve more.  Robert passionately shares his experiences and expertise and is a sought after speaker around the globe. Robert and his Friday Forward blog will inspire you.

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Marie Diamond

A fantastic show with globally renowned Transformational Teacher and Leader Marie Diamond. She shares how her extraordinary knowledge of Energy, Quantum physics and the Law of Attraction can help you transform your success.

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Vicky Ferguson

A very different show than our usual guests.  Today, we talk with Vicky Ferguson, the CEO of a small UK based charity that works with young people living on the streets of Mombasa.


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Jairek Robbins

An explosive show with the magnificent Jairek Robbins.  A vibrant and passionate individual, that will help you shift your thinking so that you can learn to life with purpose.  This change in mindset will let you unlock the pleasure in all you do, and help you start to propel forwards in all areas of your life.  

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Bob Bethel

Our guest, Robert Thomas Bethel, has successfully turned around 77 businesses over the past 50 years.  Today, we find out what makes one man succeed where others have failed, and what motivates him to push forward to make a success of a challenged organisation.

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Brad Burton

An explosive show about taking action and literally getting up off your behind and doing what it takes to be a success! We hear from Brad Burton, an entrepreneur, author and motivational speaker.

Get ready to take notes!

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Michael Losier

A fantastic show looking at what really fulfils you as an individual.  Michael Losier joins us to really help us explore how to create better connections with the people in our lives.  A fascinating character, who once hosted his own radio show on Oprah & Friends™ radio after being interviewed by her 4 times!

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Michael Brodie

A real inspiration, Michael Brodie shares with us the journey and ambitions of a young entrepreneur.  Having not taken the traditional education route of college or university, he shares with us how sheer ambition and determination has taken him on a magical journey of success.

James Arthur Ray

The power of ‘The Secret’ and attracting the life you want is the focus of today’s show.  Hear from James Arthur Ray, the author of Harmonic Wealth, a New York Times bestseller.  He shares his believes, his challenges and will inspire you to believe you can live the life of your dreams. His new book REDEMPTION, The Price of Leadership in Both Life and Business is set for release in first quarter of 2018.

Clara Capano

A powerful interview with Clara Capano, a Denver based consultant and leadership expert who understands the challenges of building a business as a single parent.  Like many of us, she has experienced self-doubt, fear, and failure first hand, which serves as inspiration for her motivating new guidebook.

Stuart Lotherington

An absolutely fabulous guest, that I have come across before in my career.  Stuart Lotherington is a great trainer, a senior partner at SBR Consulting and has a very unique story to tell of personal drive and commitment.  Like me, you’ll be astounded at Stuart’s motivation and accomplishments.

Dr John Demartini

We hear from the absolutely amazing Dr John Demartini, a world renowned behaviour specialist, author, researcher and global educator. He shares some of of his key philosophies and insights and touches on some of the powerful tools that have stood the test of time.  As someone that has studied over 29,000 books, he is a wealth of knowledge, and someone that will inspire you beyond belief.

Chef Charles Carroll

Chef Charles Carroll is an award winning author, acclaimed chef receiving over 90 awards both nationally and internationally. He is the past president of the World Association of Chefs Society, and today he shares with us his story of personal passion and drive and how it has underpinned his success.  He shares with us his unique perspective on greatness and success and building winning teams.

Betsy Myers

Betsy is a leadership expert, consultant and author.  Her book ‘Take The Lead’ is the basis of her work, and today she will share her insight on topics of motivation and bringing out the best in yourself and everyone around you.  She talks passionately about leadership and how you remain authentic, whilst also being strategic to drive results.


John David Mann

What’s it like to get inside the head of an Olympic gold medalist? To know what he knows, and turn that knowledge and experience into a powerful story that unlocks the secrets of genuine greatness at the same time that it pulls us in and touches our hearts? That’s the unique gift of storyteller and New York Times bestselling author John David Mann.

Scott Harrison

Scott is a successful businessman and the creator of The Six Pack Revolution. A new fitness programme which is helping hundreds of people achieve amazing results. It's never too late to change your lifestyle and become healthier. You can even achieve results beyond your wildest expectations within a 90 day programme.