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“you can be excellent at what you are passionate about”

Why ‘Passion to Succeed’?

Developing a passion to succeed will raise your game, change your thinking and share the experiences and know-how of some of the world’s most successful people.  

Our programmes possess the ‘recipe for success’ and help you develop a millionaire mindset.

By learning from, and associating with others who are successful, you will accelerate your growth by following tried and tested strategies for success. Which will allow you to avoid the painful pitfalls so many others fall into. 

Accelerating your own personal growth allows you to unlock the personal or financial freedom you are looking for, and helps you achieve success in multiple areas of your life.  


Looking to find the hidden resource that most people never tap into?

We are in the Entrepreneurial Age, is it time for you to change?

At The Passion To Succeed Weekenderyou will FINALLY learn how to UNLOCK YOUR SUCCESS. With 12 hours of content specifically built around you, focused on really becoming congruent with your values and life purpose.

You will establish a blueprint for success that truly fits YOU and will give you the confidence to finally breakthrough.

Our ethos is to give you a packed event full of authentic contribution. So it is important to us that you understand; at this event, there will be no up sell and no sales pitch!

Book your ticket and join us for an unforgettable London experience and discover the power within you to unlock your success!

Register your interest below and you’ll be the first to know when tickets are live!


Elastic Attitude
is about a way of thinking, a way of shifting your mindset to make the correct decision’s inline with achieving the success you desire. How we charge is how we succeed.

In today’s entrepreneurial age you must adopt the attitude to stretch yourself, give more to your market place and become more in all you do.

The Elastic Attitude principles will inspire you to change your limiting beliefs, create new winning habits and challenge you to expand your potential.


Passion to Succeed Podcast

A podcast show that provides an insight into the mindsets of millionaires, and what they believe to be the keys to success. A show to get you from where you are to where you want to be.

Success with Craig

Your chance to be personally coached by Craig to help you develop the skills and philosophies that will enable you to achieve the success you desire. Craig has designed a coaching programme that deals with 3 main main things that he believes are critical to achievement.

Driven By Passion

This book is a great accompaniment to the Passion To Success Podcast Show. A great way to learn is to include audio and visual when reading a book. This is definitely one for the bedside table!

Accelerating Your Success

Unlock the seven key principles that will help you accelerate your personal success. Understand how to ignite your passion to drive you to the next level in your business and personal life.

your success is our goal


Craig’s enthusiasm and passion is infectious, if you have the opportunity to work with Craig do it.

He will leave you inspired and transformed knowing you can achieve your dreams.

Joseph Clough

Author, Hay House

Craig White is a next generation leader who uses the wisdom of the past to empower the people of the future.

He is a man who leads from the front and walks his talk. Listen to him.

Ed Ludbrook

Leadership Expert, Author

Craig’s passion for life and what is possible jumps off each page in this book. Of course, it was not always that way. His journey and challenges along the way make what he teaches all that more relatable. If you are a long time student of personal development, you will appreciate his bringing together so many of the best philosophies, mindsets and strategies. And, if you are new to wanting to change your life (or you maybe you have not even thought about it yet!) this is just what you need to open your mind to so that you have the opportunity to have a life that inspires you and those around you. There is so much to gain by reading this book, I highly recommend it!

Andrea Waltz

Co-Author, "Go For No!"

Craig White has remained at the helm of leadership for over a decade, however his greatest accolade is his ability to inspire others!

An embodiment of everything that being an entrepreneur stands for.

Michael Khatkar


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