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Chef Charles Carroll

Chef Charles Carroll is an award winning author, acclaimed chef receiving over 90 awards both nationally and internationally. He is the past president of the World Association of Chefs Society, and today he shares with us his story of personal passion and drive and how it has underpinned his success.  He shares with us his unique perspective on greatness and success and building winning teams. Find out more

Clara Capano

A powerful interview with Clara Capano, a Denver based consultant and leadership expert who understands the challenges of building a business as a single parent.  Like many of us, she has experienced self-doubt, fear, and failure first hand, which serves as inspiration for her motivating new guidebook. Find out more

Dr John Demartini

We hear from the absolutely amazing Dr John Demartini, a world renowned behaviour specialist, author, researcher and global educator. He shares some of of his key philosophies and insights and touches on some of the powerful tools that have stood the test of time. As someone that has studied over 29,000 books, he is a wealth of knowledge, and someone that will inspire you beyond belief. Find out more

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